Now, I understand what the words mean but ……  until I saw one happen, it didn’t really register to me.  I know, sometimes I’m worse than slow but anywho, here’s what I saw.

Joe wanted to take me to Fish Creek Hill to watch a flash flood up close and personally.  I was excited to see this; so, we drove out to Apache Trail and parked the car.  Once we got there we hiked for a while and finally we took out our picnic basket and blanket and began the climb up Fish Creek Fall.  It was dry out as we hadn’t had rain in quite a while here.  As we climbed the fall, we found several great spots to settle on for a picnic and we couldn’t wait to set up and get comfortable! 

As we sat on our blanket among the many rocks imbedded into and on top of the dry Arizona clay, we pulled out our dice and started to play a game while eating.  Joe was constantly getting up and looking out and above us, for water droplets that are to be coming down. 

Then Joe decided that we needed to move to a better spot for a better view, so we did just that.  We climbed down the center of the dry waterfall and found a spot alongside the fall with a slight alcove look to it. 

We had just finished our meal when suddenly, Joe yells out, “Leave Everything Now and Move!”  Of course, I don’t listen!  Scrambling, to not leave anything behind, of course, and rushing as fast as I can.  I’m climbing out as quickly as I can and when I get my first view of this flash flood, well…… I saw at least, a ten-foot wall of water about to fall on us as we attempted to get out of the way.  With each reach up this embankment, clay broke easily into our hands.  Oh no, I thought, how do we get out of here now?

Joe was directly above and in front of me at the same time and told me as he was looking down behind me, “You’re going to have to make a jump Kathi and land on that only rock that’s not already covered in water behind you. Got it?”  “You only get one chance, okay?”  

Not okay, I think to myself!!!  Now I have a great fear of heights when it’s unsafe.  And this; was obviously unsafe!  I proceed to jump with a prayer in my heart and on my tongue!  I landed safely.  Joe landed safely as well.  Now this rock was only three to four feet in diameter.  Neither of us had expected to make the jump (at least for me, I surely didn’t expect to be) successfully completed but we did!  Amen!

Now what do we do?  We were soaked from top to bottom.  Joe pulled out a cigarette and a lighter and said, “we can only expect one light out of this due to the flood.”  So, for the next 5 hours, we chain-smoked menthol cigarettes until we could climb back out once the waters receded enough.

At one point of our chain-smoking, we saw a family park their car and get out of their vehicle to take pictures.  We saw them on the bridge over the falls below us.  We waved for help and they all happily waved back but no help ever came.  Served us right, after being so stupid.  Oh well, and to think now, that this was only the beginning of our many travels to come!

We took many random trips in my car while we were living in Mesa.  We drove to Apache Junction, Queens Creek, and Strawberry, AZ and even as far as Datil, NM.  And each of these places had interesting stories with them as well!

Early on, before our first, of multi-state travels, we got so high that at one point, I was even dared into marrying him and I did!  Much to my dismay…… 

But of course, I wouldn’t realize this soon enough though!  Until …….

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